Shipping Your Boat Over the Appalachians


Transporting your boat can be a pain, get it shipped and save the stress

We here at Powersports Shipping want you to enjoy the upcoming spring and summer seasons even if you’re due to move or relocate. Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you have to give up your boat or other personal watercraft vehicles.

Moving with your boat trailer may seem daunting, but we wrote about what the process looks like. There is some prep work that needs to be done (if you’re not using a trusted company like Power Sports Shipping), which is why we wrote this blog!

How to Prepare Your Boat For Shipping

To transport your boat safely:

  1.  Check Your Trailer
    Look over your trailer to make sure your tires aren’t flat, there isn’t any damage to padding, and that you don’t have any lingering seaweed or critters

  2. Remove/Safely store all electronics
    You’ll want to remove or securely store any and all electronics off your boat before the ride. This includes radios, fish finders, Loran systems, hailers, lights, etc. If you can’t fit them in your move, make sure they are properly locked away
  3. Clearing and Cleaning
    Make sure there isn’t any water in the bilge, batteries should be disconnected, try to make sure you only have ¼ tank or less of gas.
    Remove antennas, propellers, outriggers, downriggers, dinghies, and make sure they are properly stored and secured on your boat.
  4. Secure all loose items
    This includes hatches, cabin doors, engine covers, canvas covers, doors, and windows.

If all of this sounds like a headache, it’s because it can be. Transporting your Boat or other personal watercrafts doesn’t have to be a pain. We here at Power Sports Shipping can help get your boat safely from one spot to the next. We can get your boat from the New England area, across the Appalachian Mountains, and into your new marina! Get a free quote from us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t want to move your boat or personalized seacraft vehicle? We are more than willing to buy your boat off you! Save yourself the time and money and just use the funds from the old boat for your new one! Simply fill out our free online form!

Our friends over at will buy your old boat off you with little to no hassle.

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