Vehicle Shipping Checklist

Things to Check before Shipping

It is always a good idea to prepare and check your vehicle before turning over your Motorcycle, ATV or any vehicle to a shipping company.  Here is a basic preparation check list that will help you insure a good transport.  These are offered as general tips and as such may be handled a little differently by us or change from time to time, please ask us directly for clarification if you have questions.

  • Make sure you remove any personal items from your vehicle. Your compartments and carrier bags need to be empty. Lost or stolen personal items left inside the vehicle will not be covered.
  • Make sure you inspect your vehicle with the shipping company. Any defects or damage should be listed. When picking up your vehicle make sure you are not in a hurry and take the time to inspect the vehicle.
  • Make sure that you maintain personal insurance on your vehicle. Even under a carriers control if your vehicle was struck in a parking lot for example, your insurance would cover the damages. If the vehicle was damaged by the transportation company then of course their insurance would cover it.
  • It is a good idea to have your vehicle serviced prior to transport (oil change, etc.).
  • Make sure that you have a complete set of keys for the shipping company, and a full extra set for yourself.
  • If you are transporting a classic, custom, rare, exotic, or otherwise expensive vehicle, go for the enclosed transport if you can – it will be worth the extra cost!

Motorcycle Shipping Checklist

In addition to the preparation checklist, here is an additional motorcycle shipping checklist

  • Make sure you have a complete set of keys for your transport company (ignition, trunk, compartment, wheel locks, etc.).
  • Remove accessories like radios, GPS Systems etc. systems are removable.
  • Remove antennas for your CB or radio that can be removed, take them off.
  • Anything that is easy to remove like Fog Lights from the exterior of you motorcycle would assure that your accessories would not be damaged and make it easier to load.
  • It’s a good idea no matter how professional shipping company, to cover their preparation steps with the driver.
  • Personal items are not covered by the transporter’s insurance coverage.
  • You should prepare your motorcycle or any vehicle for a change in the weather when moving to a different climate.
  • Glass: Make note of any chips, nicks, and scratches in the glass on your motorcycle windshield.
  • Clean your motorcycle before shipping. Wash it before dropping in off so it will be easy to look over the condition of the vehicle. You should expect it to be in the same condition and clean when it is delivered.

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